Nature's Fruit® was established in 2002 when our family farm had an excess of fruit. To prevent wastage we purchased a dehydrator to dry it into fruit leather. During the year we gave the fruit leather away to friends and used it ourselves.

Our friends were impressed with the healthy snack bars because it tasted great and had no added sugar, no preservatives, no additives or sulphur and was easy to handle!

Within a short while people were asking if they could purchase it regularly for school lunches, to eat while bush walking or just a snack. Realizing that there was a strong demand for our fruit leather bars and sticks we quickly increased our production. Our customer base now also includes sports clubs, fundraising organisations and people with allergies to sulphur and chemical additives.

Our fruit bars and sticks are all made from Australia's finest fruits.
We have now ventured into Jams (Sugar & Sugar Free).

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